Global WOnks


Global Wonks is a technology-enabled marketplace connecting public and private sector organizations with political risk and market experts around the world. Our proprietary technology efficiently and economically matches investors and decision-makers in small and medium-sized businesses and nonprofits to a global community of experts.

Our "wonk" community is comprised of highly educated and experienced experts with industry, sector, or country level expertise. Our interface allows for easy communication between client and expert, facilitating dialogue that enables the client to obtain the information that they need in an efficient, economic, and transparent manner.



Voscreen is a language learning accelerator that delivers high-quality English material via a library of video clips from movies, TV shows, and real life content. The platform has over 1,600,000 users throughout the world.

Voscreen has been awarded the Bronze Award at the latest Reimagine Education Awards for the “Best Educational App” category. It leverages a highly engaging native advertisement model to inform and transform global digital marketing.


ViralKing is a pay-for-performance based marketing platform where social media influencers promote the brands they love. ViralKings provides full service growth hacking and marketing automation platform services utilized by some of retail's top brands.

Our goal is to be more than just a cutting edge influencer-marketing platform. In addition to creating an active community for brands to increase awareness, drive traffic, acquire new sales and downloads, we are building a suite of powerful marketing tools via extensive use of data storage and analytics processes.


Revolutionizing and enhancing the in-home theater experience - XCINEX technology allows families to directly access theatrical releases as soon as they are available for viewing in movie theaters.

Our proprietary technology allows us to note the total viewers and price the cost of viewing accordingly - as if a cinema actually came to your living room! We re assisting in building out XCINEX core processes while working with studios to ensure that titles from all producers are available for your in-home viewing pleasure.