GlobalWonks set out to discover untapped or under-utilized experts and make their knowledge available more quickly and easily than ever before. We began with the idea that businesses learning about a new field or market never want just one opinion, they want a comprehensive understanding of their topic -- which we deliver with our innovating offering, Network Pulse™. We have also reimagined traditional consulting products such as expert calls, reports, and meetings to make the experts easier to find, collaborate with, and pay -- and the client gets their results faster.

But our tech-enabled marketplace is only the beginning. Next, we’re laying out the future -- the Centaur Model of human-machine collaboration. Powered by the knowledge of experts enhanced by machine learning, we’re building a new future for the consulting industry. You can read all about it in our CEO Cenk’s article.



Voscreen is a language learning accelerator that delivers high-quality English material via a library of video clips from movies, TV shows, and real life content. The platform has over 1,600,000 users throughout the world.

Voscreen has been awarded the Bronze Award at the latest Reimagine Education Awards for the “Best Educational App” category. It leverages a highly engaging native advertisement model to inform and transform global digital marketing.


Founded in 2013, Conscientia Group is a technology development, integration and consulting company specializing in advanced software systems to support commercial and government agencies operating in the Aerospace and Defense Industry. Based outside of Washington D.C. in the National Capital Region, with an additional corporate presence in California, Conscientia Group offers critically important thought leadership to identify customer needs and corresponding key solutions. Our team of experienced management professionals have long-standing careers supporting many key markets and industries around the world to include federal and state governments as well as the commercial sector.