Advisory Services

Sidar Global Advisors (SGA) provides boutique oversight and advisory to assist clients in market entrance and investment oversight. These services include macro-economic and political analysis, corporate investigation, due-diligence, and in-country firm investigation and matching. Our team of experienced experts has covered projects in energy, public health, extraction, telecommunications, political stability, and criminal investigation.


Macro & Political Risk

Reports on political and economic risk in North Africa, the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa have helped inform telecommunications, energy, and logistics investments in the region. 

Reputational Due-Diligence.PNG

Integrity research 

Research into the viability and capacity, reputation, and best-practices of sub-contract and partner firms in Africa, Southern Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia, and China has helped clients make prudent investment decisions with beneficial outcomes - particularly financial institutions and funds looking for opportunities in emerging markets.


Criminal & corporate investigation

Sidar Global Advisory Services leverages on-the-ground investigators to assist in criminal background research and corporate assessments for federal and international clients in cases of smuggling, racketeering, kidnapping and corruption - particularly in locations where information is difficult to access.