Sidar Global Ventures grows technology start-ups to provide value and transformative change to a range of industries. As a team of technology, business, and policy experts, we offer seed-stage capital, a strategic relationship network, and a decade of experience navigating complex political and regulatory terrains to help companies reach their global potential. 

Between 2009 and 2017, Sidar Global served clients in an advisory capacity on the economic, security, political and regulatory risks of doing business in austere environments. Led by CEO Cenk Sidar, the firm provided political risk analysis, market-entry strategy and commercial intelligence in the EMEA region to high-growth companies with overseas operations and investments. Sidar Global served Fortune 500 companies and middle-market firms including Microsoft, Kinross Gold Corporation, Statoil, Merck and Hilton Worldwide.

Inspired by the way new technologies fundamentally changed the way businesses obtained and managed their intelligence, Sidar Global expanded its functions to help clients further unlock the benefits of this technological progression.  New platforms are enabling companies to more precisely manage their operations, improve their workflow and, as a result, better leverage their experience and knowledge. As technology rapidly changes the nature of doing business, public policy has become increasingly relevant, though often a source of future uncertainty.

Equipped with a decade of experience helping businesses to mitigate risk, Sidar Global now harnesses its economic and regulatory expertise to identify and cultivate innovation. With a focus on the service sector, Sidar Global helps financial services, education, B2B and marketing technology companies to operationalize intelligence and forge relationships to drive business growth and success.